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by janniesophia42
Sun Jan 30, 2022 12:44 am
Forum: General Scope Discussion
Topic: Old devices & downloads - do you have them?
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Re: Old devices & downloads

guppy wrote: Sun Oct 21, 2018 3:04 am Yyou can still download lots of them here:
These are worth able. Thanks :)
by janniesophia42
Sun Jan 30, 2022 12:42 am
Forum: Music
Topic: No Words & Robot Revolution
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Re: No Words & Robot Revolution

Thanks Atom & Dante, I really appreciate you taking the time to listen. Old school electronica is about right, and probably gives away my age. I've been making music a long time as a hobby, mostly just for myself because I feel driven to do it and love getting lost in the creative process...but...
by janniesophia42
Thu Jan 27, 2022 2:26 am
Forum: Tips & Tricks
Topic: setting up your computer
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Re: setting up your computer

some general tips: as in the letter that came with v5.1, in the bios(you may have already done this) disable any of these things, or anything that is obviously the same, but slightly differently named: Intel EIST Intel C State C1E Support Overspeed Protection Hyperthreading Execute Bit Support Set ...