Optimaster and amplitude

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Music Manic
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Optimaster and amplitude

Post by Music Manic » Sat Oct 13, 2018 6:47 am

I was just wondering if optimaster is really designed for audio levels to be nearer to 0dBfs than, say, -18dBfs. I find that if you use it
on your whole track at low level the wizard brings up the low level information way too much. In general it’s very transparent and powerful.

What are you views?

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Re: Optimaster and amplitude

Post by valis » Sat Oct 13, 2018 11:48 am

So dig in and find out which portion is bringing levels up so much when you use the Wizard, this shouldn't be hard. For me the normalization and the input gain are both usually pushed, and I rarely keep any of the sections set by the Wizard as it sets them.

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