Updating a MiniMax table top module

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Updating a MiniMax table top module

Post by bjamin9 » Tue Apr 17, 2018 6:03 pm


Just joined the group.

I have one of the Creamware MiniMax table top modules.
The module is awesome. I consider it a poly-moog of sorts.

I purchased this when the unit FIRST CAME OUT in production.
At that time, some of the functions did not work (portamento being one of them).

Recently, I sent an email to the company that purchased Creamware - Sonic Core.
They supplied me with some keys, but I was told that due to the age of my unit,
I wouldn't be able to update it....!!!???

I am searching for the CD that had the original editor/librarian on it.
I am just - well yes....AFRAID to update this thing for I don't want to lose it as part of the gear I have.
I don't want it to become a dead useless paperweight.

Some insight on how you guys updated your modules, and work around knowledge if you have them would be appreciated.

Anyone know what the latest OS for the MiniMax is?

I understand that I must use XP (I am not on a Mac) for everything to "properly" transfer.
IS there a way to retrieve this unit if I screw up on the OS download??

Thanks for your time in reading this!


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Re: Updating a MiniMax table top module

Post by garyb » Tue Apr 17, 2018 6:50 pm

i never said that. i warned you to read the info and not to bother unless something on the synth doesn't work correctly.

just read the info and do the update. if it messes up, you may be able to try again. if it does get messed up completely, which is an outside possibility, then there's no hope.

there aren't any great secrets. if you follow the directions it will be fine. the last update was about 11 years ago.

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