COMPUTING latency across the years and YOU

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COMPUTING latency across the years and YOU

Post by valis » Mon Jan 01, 2018 10:08 am

This article does a great breakdown on not only input lag through the various input mechanisms and display lag, but also talks about processing overhead & complexity in a well framed manner.

Of course we're talking about the overall responsiveness of a machine, not ASIO response or 'how many rx plugins can I run at 1.5ms' type values. There are plenty of links for that sort of benchmark from the DAWBench website.

Instead, this article touches on OVERALL computing latency and how it's not related to how 'modern' a computing platform is. He tracks this from user interactions and the related input lag through to complexity and processing overhead in general, with nice sidebars on mobile platforms as well as display technologies (high refresh displays) and so on. Of special note is the section on "Why is the apple 2e so fast?"

Again, while this isn't audio specific, one can easily extrapolate from this article to understand why buying a $2400 laptop may not always bring the gains we're after, especially once we spend the money to upgrade all of our peripherals and software to the same level of complexity as our new hardware. I"m posting this in support of a point that garyb is constantly making so that we have some sources to cite. Feel free to add related reliable & verifiable sources to this thread.

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