TC Powercore with Access Virus

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TC Powercore with Access Virus

Post by hewlet » Tue Mar 28, 2017 10:59 am

Selling a TC Powercore Mk1 PCI card with Access Virus, PowerCore 01(Roland SH101 emulation) and 9 great effects.
Works great on older motherboard (socket 775 and older) together with Scope system, 32bit Windows XP/Windows 7.

Asking 200 Euro for the card with the PCI epress adapter, widout PCI express adapter 170 Euro.
I can ship worldwide, please ask for shipping cost first (ca 40 Euro)
I will pack in antistatics bags in a large parcel with lot off bubble wrap for extra protecion and safe shipping.
I accept Paypal, i can video record a test of the cards and video for packing prof.

Plugins info:
24/7-C: Virtual Limiting Amplifier Convincing vintage compression and limiting using one of the most desired vintage models in history. This Plug-In recreates the details of the sound and user interface of this hardware processor as closely as possible, delivering virtual vintage at its best.

Classic Verb: Classic Reverb Processor The new CLASSIC VERB enhances the out-of-the-box reverb flexibility of PowerCore significantly! This new processor adds the other category of warm, lush reverb effects often associated with big expensive hardware processors to the effects menu.

Mega Reverb: Hi-End Reverb The unique algorithms are based on years of ongoing research and the core technology of the TC Electronic M5000 hi-end studio processor. With even better diffusion, denser tails and more realistic room impressions than ever before, MEGA REVERB provides the ultimate plug-in reverb solution for POWERCORE.

CHORUS•DELAY: Modulation Multi-FX This plug-in provides the trademark TC Electronic chorus sound. It recreates the 1210 Spatial Expander with its unique modulation images like Chorus, Flanging and Slap Delay with very flexible routing and filtering facilities.

EQSAT: Hi-Performance EQ EQSAT is a very clean sounding and carefully crafted EQ-model for any application including mastering. The processor provides 5 bands with 3 parametric ones and 2 additional shelving bands.

VOICE STRIP: Voice Channel This complete voice processing channel includes all tools required for vocal sound adjustment: Compression, De-Essing, a dedicated Voice EQ, Lo Cut Filter and Gate.

VINTAGE CL: Channel Compressor/limiter Hi-quality compression and limiting on each channel is very hard to realize when limited to native processing only. VINTAGE CL delivers just that - up to 28 VINTAGE CLs can be run on one POWERCORE card.

Tubifex: Guitar Amp Simulator The new Tubifex guitar amp simulator brings the total number of virtual processors included with PowerCore to 10. It includes three tube stages and a speaker simulator for truly convincing amp modeling.

POWERCORE 01: Synthesizer This mono-synth will deliver results similar to the famous SH-101, with some added features like velocity and drive. Punchy Bass lines, synthetic percussion sounds or synth-leads - PowerCore 01 can do it all!
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