A Formant Operator Modular module

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A Formant Operator Modular module

Post by petal » Wed Apr 09, 2014 12:11 pm

I've been curious about the Yamaha FS1R synth for a while. And while there are quite a few options for FM synthesis in Scope, I have still to see formant synthesis on Scope like it is done on the FS1R

Here's a nice demo of how formant synthesis sounds like on the FS1r, although unfortunately none of the beautiful choir sounds it can create as well.


I recently found this formant sequence editor free online:

http://blog.zacharcher.com/2011/03/14/a ... -in-flash/

Where you can create your own formant sequences and use them in your FS1R if you have got one, and it contains all the 90 original formant sequences from the FS1R in syx-format as well.

There are other formant sequence editors out there, but unfortunately I couldn't make this one work:

So now the question is if it would be possible to create a modular module that would emulate the FS1R Formant Operators loaded with the original 90 formant sequences + the ability to use the above Formant Sequence Editor to create new content for the Modular operators?

Or is this already possible in Scope somehow, that I havn't figured out yet?


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