Low Mileage Scope Pro :WANTED

Have Scope hardware to sell or trade? NO DEALER POSTING ALLOWED.

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Low Mileage Scope Pro :WANTED

Post by dawman » Wed Oct 17, 2018 7:55 am

I really wish I could find a slightly used Scope PRO Card.
I’d hook up my A16 Ultra, run my new Strymon Pedal Collection, Deco (Tape Flange/ Chorus) Timeline (Killer Delays/Looping) and the latest Big Sky Reverb.
The card would be used solely for Dynamics, which takes very little in resources, and a 3 AUX Mixer.
Have the XITE-1 as a spare and for recording.

I’m just finishing testing a mixer only scenario and I’m using 15-20% of my DSP Resources.

So I’m hunting for an XITE-1 D or Scope Pro.

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