For Sale: Pulsar II 6DSP w/ plug-ins (and bonus UAD-1s)

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For Sale: Pulsar II 6DSP w/ plug-ins (and bonus UAD-1s)

Post by brianbrian » Sun Dec 18, 2016 12:03 am

I haven't used my Pulsar II or SFP platform in years, unfortunately. Many years of good memories and exciting sound design explorations...

It includes the entire package of SFP 4.5 with Mix and Master and Synth / Sampler bundles.

Also I have licenses for several plugins by Celmo (his delays), Warp69 (his excellent STW Plate-100 and chorus/delay modules), and the Adern Flexor modules.

The only issue here is that I can't locate the breakout cable for the card. So I'm selling as-is, and am willing to negotiate on the price.

I will throw in 2 UAD-1 PCI cards for free if you're interested in those too :)

Make me a reasonable offer....I truly hope somebody can find use for this exquipment, as it's still a very special platform capable of good sound, low latencies, brilliant routing, and inspiration.

Kind regards and thanks for looking,

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Re: For Sale: Pulsar II 6DSP w/ plug-ins (and bonus UAD-1s)

Post by geoffd99 » Wed Jan 11, 2017 3:52 am

I also have some older kit unused - have moved production to a laptop. Did you get anywhere with this sale? I am curious if you know anywhere - have you tried Ebay? Cards appear there sometimes. I have 2 x Lunas and a dsp card. The Lunas are still good cards, if anyone uses them. I have had all sorts of card permutations over the years but not used now for 5 years. I have most/all of the plugins.
I think I might set up (they are still working in PC) as a fancy effects unit, but the space and start up, fan noise etc put me off.
Perhaps we should start a museum.
Regards, Geoff

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Re: For Sale: Pulsar II 6DSP w/ plug-ins (and bonus UAD-1s)

Post by auntybiotic » Fri Jan 13, 2017 1:38 pm

Roughly speaking, how much are you looking for for the pulsar 2 ?

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Re: For Sale: Pulsar II 6DSP w/ plug-ins (and bonus UAD-1s)

Post by RA » Fri Jan 13, 2017 2:45 pm

Geoffd99, you can put a pc in another room if you don't want the noise,....pull the connections through the wall....once you get used to a silent control/mixingroom you start to wonder....why am i doing this to myself....another option is: use bigger fans and passive psu and put the hdd in a bracket with some elastics...old bicycle inner tubes cut to small ribbons are perfect for this...yeahyeah....i've done it all back in tha days :lol:

Laptop tend to make even more noise once it starts pumping air

It is a waste leaving the cards unused, indeed incorporate in your setup as mastering or fx device. works like a charm and it sounds!
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