XXX SOLD XXX For Sale: Pulsar2 6DSP SFP4 / Zlink/Adat-Combo

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XXX SOLD XXX For Sale: Pulsar2 6DSP SFP4 / Zlink/Adat-Combo

Post by readymedia » Mon Sep 29, 2014 1:52 pm

Hello there!,

my Scope Pro is on the way and I just have 6 PCI slots in two PCs. So this Pulsar2/ScopeProject have to go:

Creamware / Scope Project / Sonic Core 6DSP PCI card
SFP4 Software and Keys
With Modular 2 and Modular 3 Synthesizer
Modular3 have a Wavetable OSC from Waldorf Microwave
Mixed Zlink / ADAT Plate
Second Generation card.
Standard RCA/MIDI Cables
Date of manufacturing: August 2004

Price: 169,- EUR. Plus shipping costs ~14 EUR Europe wide.

I'm based in Berlin. Paypal or regular bank transfer accepted. Drop me a line.

The v4-key file contains:

- CW Scope Fusion Platform
- CW Main Studiotools Package
- CW Mixer Package 1
- CW Mixer Package 2
- CW Synthesizer Package 1
- CW Synthesizer Package 2
- CW Effects Package 1
- CW Effects Package 2
- CW SCOPE 4.0 Software
- CW Spectral Balance Controller
- CW Modular v2
- CW Modular v3
- CW STS-2000P
- CW STS-3000

me, M6700/i7quad/Win7: PT11/Ableton/Komplete
WinXP/Luna2/Modular2 @Dell630 Dock

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