"Mixing"- digital mixer - dev - rtas - tdm - vst plugins.

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"Mixing"- digital mixer - dev - rtas - tdm - vst plugins.

Post by m.my91 » Sun Mar 13, 2016 4:36 am

for me dev plugins are not enough to build a big and powered sound.
but dev plugins are the faster one in therm of latency process.
so i decide to mix the dev plugins with other format existing (rtas tdm vst and digital mixer).
when you mix digital mixer with dev plugins the sound is good.
but when you go out of the digital mixer with dev insert plugins in the 48 bit digidesign mixer
i suspect that the digidesign 48 bit mixer( 192 io digital) is a high improvment for audio recording and worclock master clocking.
48 bit processing give more dynamics and detail than "all asio" 24 and 32 bit floating hardware.
but dev plugins are essential to control the amazing 144 db 48 bit digidesign mixer dynamics.
so mix you dev dsp with other plugins and hardware and see!
thanks phil

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