SpaceF's LimFat w/ ProWave

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SpaceF's LimFat w/ ProWave

Post by dawman » Fri Apr 18, 2008 10:38 am

Life just gets better everyday.

Well any of you who have a Bowen Synth and love to play w/ high polyphony, know how trying to get the bass clef & treble clef balanced for those FAT BASTARD quad Oscillator presets, can be problematic. The sound is just so thick it can often lose it's image.

No longer is this a problem.

I have tried several different comps / lims, and EQ / Filters, to no avail.

LimFat was made for this !!

It let's you adjust every level of functionallity and gain, w/ a dual EQ / Filter on the outputs, not to mention the additional inserts.

I have achieved many great experiences here in the last 3 months w/ synths from Bowen and SpaceF, and devices in the SDK flavor, but now I can use a single preset w/ LimFat and the sounds that eminate from it's outputs are incredible.

It has soft 1 & 2, medium, hard 1 & 2, strong, and brick wall. This must be a beast when used in a sidechaining fashion.

I will do a short demo, synth only later tonight after my final 16 hour shift.

This is a dream for FAT BASTARDS.

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