Preparation 4 Solaris / XITE-1

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Preparation 4 Solaris / XITE-1

Post by dawman » Sat Apr 12, 2008 7:46 pm

Solaris hardware synth is just an extreme example of control for performance or recording.

Nothing seems to be overlooked.

I have always dreamed of a performance synth that could replace an Oberheim Matrix 12 / XPander combo, and it shall happen soon.

The updatable LCD's are large just like the OB's, and the sound of the software has reached new heights, so I can only imagine the hardware will incorporate some powerfull I/O punch as well.

I have liquidated yet another live production show and have sold most of the peices except for the actual Scope DAW w/ the old Pro's, and the stands, cases, & automation hardware for sequencing, FX, and lights.

I will use Solaris, and 1 x KS88 w/ the B4000 ASB, Rotary cabinet, and Kurzweil Expressionmate Ribbom Controller and Module.

Solaris and the KS88 will share a MIDI Solution s FP8 w/ 8 x expression pedals.

My dreams shall be realized by summer's end. :wink:

I cannot emphasize the value and control the KS88's have for Scope projects.

I Await Future Battles.

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Post by Neutron » Sat Apr 12, 2008 8:09 pm

look at that huge empty space where a joystick trigger buttons,and XY pad could be put!

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Post by Me$$iah » Sat Apr 12, 2008 10:41 pm

I gotsta get me one of them 88s.....

tho the xite is first.

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Post by dawman » Tue Apr 15, 2008 11:22 am

That joystick implementation is perfectly located also.

Notice the above faders on the KS88 are located on the right side of the keyboard, and are way too latge to use as drawbar movements, besides they are on the wrong side for that technique also.

They are perfect for live mixing though and are tight considering they are USB based.

I tried using a single fader and ganging 5 drawbars w/ SpaceF's CC5 onto 1 fader, but the software version has noticable audio jumps when trying to get get dynamic, smooth swells. The B4000 ASB is quitre accurate and way more powerful sounding when using the rotary cabinet as the I/O's have very hot outputs compared to the softwares sound.

The joystick will be a fantastic live tool to use for anything as it's movements can do things that linear expression pedals cannot achieve.

In John's RDII Modules series the Rotor II module has the rate and crossfading controls which are programmable, I am confident the joystick will be much more customisable, and LIVE !!

Solaris will be the best live synth ever created,.....period.

I have really delved deeply into the new software version and would need pages to describe the sound sculping abilities it now has.

I have recently used Rotor II to house 4 Oscillators that go from simple to complex in the insert slots. I started w/ the basic Pulse Wave Mod II, Square w/ PW, Saw Down, then Waldorf Pair II and to hear these FAT BASTARDS bubbling while they crossfade is amazing. Now add the Poly Glide features that spread the separate Osc's out and you have the largest sounding synmth I have ever played in Virtual or hardware.

Sorry if I get a trifle excited but I have always had to use multiple synthesizers ( analog ) to achieve the desired results using MIDI and having the presets envelopes of each synth timed to work together. Those days are long gone.

I cannot wait to hear presets made by John and that crazy guy Benoist Guitton. Most of my stuff is based on subtractive methods. These guys KNOW the possibilities of Solaris and exploit them to extremes.

Anyone w/ the foresight to buy Solaris in it's hardware or software version will never leave his house, except to play a gig maybe, and mow his lawn. :D

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