Dual Inserts On SpaceF's Stereo AUX's

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Dual Inserts On SpaceF's Stereo AUX's

Post by dawman » Sat Jan 19, 2008 7:59 pm

I thought I'd share a recent idea which proved fruitful.

I always used my Lexicons in the AUX's, and never really needed anything else, but thought I'd try something new.

On the AUX's of the FB5 there are 2 insert slots and many options for gain, bleedover, etc. Really nice stuff if you play with AUX channels like I prefer to do.

Since the Lexicons really don't need any extra help and are self contained, I thought I would use SpaceF's awesome AUX Delay, and mess around with other presets. Which BTW can be saved in the little preset for the AUX's for really fast MIDI controllable templates. Say if you forget to save the tweaks of an effect, this feature will save the dual inserts FX and their presets also. Very smart, and fast way to achieve a smooth workflow.

I found that delays and reverbs benefit from filters, and EQ's. Since I already have the SSB Modulator in the AUX Delays wet effect insert, a slight EQ was my next step. I tried a few and they all had certain little sweet spots, but Wolf's 8 Band Partametric worked really well, and I really enjoy the DAS SL9000 as I can use the gate / compressor / EQ and gain make up.

It is a really great way to make my analog synth ( SE-1X ) sound awesome. I always liked my synths w/ a delay only and direct to my hardware mixer, but routing the synth into a Scope Project and adding these great sounding mixers and effects, is the pinnacle of my stage / studio sound.

Hardware and Virtual = Hybrid = The Best Of Both Worlds. :D

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