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Post by dawman » Sun Oct 07, 2007 6:55 pm

I have purchased a MIDI Solutions FP8 recently from eBay which allows 8 switches and pedals to be attached from it's back panel outputs.

The tip came from Brotha' Man Janni in a post which I further investigated.

I have several FC7, FC5, and M Audio Expression Pedals so I have attached these for some fun. I have a carpenter friend who is always broke due to his sons college tuition, so he was eager to make me a slotted custom pedal board made from Redwood and Sequoia wood, which will also match my Solaris hardware wooden panel sides. I finally have a good layout for my pedals now. I only use one sustain for both controllers, an FP9, so the rest are two footswitch styles and 5 expression pedals. Total control.

I opened up a ProWave preset for wave sweeping and began attaching CC's to the various pedals, and started sweeping. The parameters I chose were the PMod I & II, the two Shape knobs in the Oscillator I & II slots, and the LFO / Noise knob.

Changing either of the shape knobs just a little bit brings in different waveforms, which then can be swept by the PMod I & II knobs. These are sounds I have never heard before and quite beautiful and easily controlled.

In the insert FX rack of Pro Wave I have the SSB Modulator set up for slow a rate phaser type effect which then gets a great bath in Celmos Tape Simulator.

I have never had a synth do such incredible sounds before.

These pedals can be switched over to another MIDI CC Preset for analog type emus where the comb filters resonance, and cut off frequencies can be attached, as well as the envelopes values.

This is the best synthesizer I ever bought for live performance. The speed of it's loading caused me to choose it over Solaris, as less parameters means quicker loads. John assures me that the hardware Solaris will be very fast with the new code, so I will get used to using ProWave like this in preparation for Solaris. Which I believe will be the ultimate synthesizer in analog or hardware ever built. My Oberheims are going to go to eBay early in 2008. I have seen the Matrix 12 w/o a case sell for 3500 USD there !! The XPander is going for 1500-1750 USD !!! Solaris's release will cause such synths to be less valuable I believe. So these have to go before they become fossilized.

ProWave is a preview of what Solaris will do w/ Sample and WAVE Oscillators. Since the FP8 box will be done this week, I will use it w/ a software synth. When Solaris is released this will surely become it's private controller box.

For guys who love their weighted controller, but it lacks knobs and controls, this is a great work-around.

140 on ebay right now. 260 brand new.

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Post by FrancisHarmany » Mon Oct 08, 2007 1:37 am

Sounds like a plan!

What do those pedals kost anyway ? Just this weekend I decided I wanted some! It be neat to have several........

I think I will have to buy 4 and put them all under a wooden plank so that I can dance my modulation :roll:

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Post by dawman » Mon Oct 08, 2007 9:55 am

I got lucky on eBay w/ mine.

You can buy one brand new 4 about 259 USD here...................................................

http://cgi.ebay.com/MIDI-SOLUTIONS-F8-8 ... dZViewItem

I am using all 8 connections, and have incredible control over GVI and Scope.

SpaceF's WAX-S on my Rhodes, and ProWave is really beautiful, along w/ all of the other controls ehich can be changer via MIDI CC Presets per performance.

One can use little bitty knobs on a controller to achieve similar results, but the expression pedals have more control, and keep your hands where they belong. Both on the keyboards, or in my case one playing, while the other one grabs the jager that the waitail cocktress just brought me on the house !!

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