Use Scope and all your studio when you're away from home !

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Use Scope and all your studio when you're away from home !

Post by JoPo » Wed Oct 03, 2018 6:54 am

After several days of tests, I finally realized that waking up a computer on wan (lan is easy) is impossible, last chances : a raspberry pi & : ... AN-Server/ (I'm going to try that) - or leaving on of my pc on 24/24.

But if you plan to spend a long time far from your beloved music gear, holidays, spend weeks in a hotel for your job, hospital stay, etc. You can still make, edit, record and thus make music just with a good internet connection and a laptop. Just setting up your hardware synths, if they don't have any midi editor, will be impossible.

I bet most of you already know teamviewer. But how can one get the sound of asio driver from a far away computer ? It's certainly possible with Voicemeeter.
But if you use cubase (don't know how other daw handle that), you can use vst connect and teamviewer together. Vst connect to listen & record you music project that is played on the far away pc and teamviewer to edit anything in your daw just like if you are in your studio.

That is really nice ! I must go far from my studio for quite a lot of time but I'll NOT stop to make music with my usual music equipment ! Awesome ! :) I'm so happy I'll be able to do that, I wanted other to know it's possible ! :)
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