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Congratulations to Sonic Core

Posted: Wed Dec 20, 2017 6:10 am
by peksi
I've just heard that the announcement of new Scope V7 has generated good amount of orders with Sonic Core.

I am just so happy to hear that. Scope is a wonderful piece of equipment and it deserves every order. Merry Christmas to you guys at SC and hope that next year brings more business to you!

Re: Congratulations to Sonic Core

Posted: Wed Dec 20, 2017 11:31 am
by valis
I think we're all happy to hear this. I've had my Scope system since I built it in 2001, and it still runs the same 2001 era dual Xeon board and configuration after all these years. I am confident that I'll be a Scope user for years to come...

Also thanks to dNA's extremely generous contribution the forums recieved a long overdue and much needed facelift, and this wouldn't have been possible without the work that Holger put into updating Scope to v7, and GaryB's excellent support for the Scope ecosystem here on the forums.

Here's to another 20 years of Scoping!

Re: Congratulations to Sonic Core

Posted: Wed Dec 20, 2017 2:47 pm
by Sounddesigner
SCOPE 7 is definitely a miracle release, and really took the extreme determination that Holger has to get it to market. If any other company owned the SCOPE platform then SCOPE 7 might not have made business-sense and thus be discontinued. There has been a lot of dsp platforms that have come and gone over the years (SSL Duende, TC PowerCore, Korg Oasis pci, Waves APA, SoundScape and Mixtreme, etc) and generally speaking SCOPE was here before them and SCOPE is still here after them. SCOPE is still here cause it truly was something special born into the Audio-world in 1998, and continues to improve. I'm sure this SCOPE 7 release will generate the money Holger needs to further take the platform to another level. I myself have never seen any good reasons to leave the platform only great reasons to stay onboard.

Re: Congratulations to Sonic Core

Posted: Wed Dec 20, 2017 10:10 pm
by peksi
Besides cheering up the challenger there is the sound. Every time I do synths with my Xite I am so impressed by the sound. Kinda like analog type fat sound that I still cannot get from anywhere else. How can a digital system do it?

Keep on rocking Holger, Gary and the team.

Re: Congratulations to Sonic Core

Posted: Thu Dec 21, 2017 7:32 am
by RA
I'll raise my glass to that too :D