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Scope DSP Mixers

Post by dawman » Sun Nov 12, 2017 5:49 pm

I just wanted to say I’m still impressed by using Scope as a mixing platform for Native and hardware, and DSP FX or hardware FX.
Harrison, Brainrox, Slate, Softube, RME Total Mix and UAD Console are just not happening.
Certain parts of each have their strengths, but I still can’t believe UAD can’t be automated properly using MIDI.

Had to share my rig last night and the girl Pianist who sang and played used my KSM8 Mic, PianoTeq, Cantebury Rhodes and a Solaris String patch using Jaws Oscillators.
I first saw those in Black Box 2, then Solaris 4.0 and thankfully on Solaris hardware.

The PA was the awesome RCF House System using a 30 year old Allen & Heath GL 48 channel board.
I send just 2 x XLR to FOH.

Anyway the gal kicked ass, the Sound was so clean and impressive.
Using an AUX for TC Fireworx early reflection Room, and RoyTs BBDelayPitch for tails made the Piano fit beautifully in the 500 seat Room.

Best 3500 I ever spent.

The girls manager said to send him the list of gear as she usually has a damn V-Piano.
Says he’s going to buy whatever I say she used.
I’m thinking she just wasnt used to a good Mic and quality FX used lightly.

At any rate I’m usually off chasing trim on breaks but my rig sounded so good I couldn’t leave.

Chingalay Holger
Need ModMix 2....

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Re: Scope DSP Mixers

Post by yayajohn » Thu Nov 16, 2017 7:16 am

Sounds like a new Scoper is born! Maybe you can start renting your rig out and make more money just sitting back and watching the show?

btw what are the Jaws OSC's? never heard of them.

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