sfp 4 on Win 8.1 SUCCESS!

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sfp 4 on Win 8.1 SUCCESS!

Post by MCCY » Sat Nov 19, 2016 2:01 pm

O.K., it's just win 8.1 32bit, but it works so far, without any problems. I allready worked on win7 32 bit with sfp 4, now I put an old card in a win 8.1 computer.

Now I will try REAPER at 6ms roundtrip at 44.1 khz. I bet it will work like a charm, but I will inform you if not.
This is an absolute budged solution, but wow, so much is possible!!!

(b.t.w. I had to install scope in compatibility mode & I have to run reaper in compatibility mode to see the asio drivers, I run both as admin)


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