hyperthreading and scope

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hyperthreading and scope

Post by guppy » Sun Nov 13, 2016 5:47 pm

I was wondering if i can give only half a real core for scope process on a i7 3930k (overclocked to 4200Mhz), but i was thinking that it was maybe too light scope operating.
Could it solve the problem of core sync with audio when using hyperthreading with scope ? 1 Core hyperthreaded, and only half of them is used for scope (at least, with process lasso, you can dedicate 1 HT core for only one process), then there's not sync problem I think. Am I right ?
I mean it's working, but would it take the load if i'm building a big project with my xite1 ?
Half of a real core is like a p4 1100Mhz (and more if you count modern i7 acceleration, actual memory speed and massive cache, i would say like a P4 1800 in fact), and scope was working very well on my first celeron 400 in 2002 :)
What do you think about it friends ? :)

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Re: hyperthreading and scope

Post by fraz » Thu Apr 27, 2017 8:55 am


Are you getting confused? - Scope, Xite or the PCI cards use DSP [digital signal processors] inside Xite or on top of the PCI cards - It is these DSP's that operate Scope Software.

Your i7 3930 K is not used at all [as far as I know] so the i7 is "free" to do other things so to answer your question it is not possible to allocate half a CPU core to Scope.

This is what you were asking isn't it? - using your i7 to run Scope?

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Re: hyperthreading and scope

Post by garyb » Thu Apr 27, 2017 9:28 am

hyperthreading only helps with offline processes. it takes a real core to calculate virtual cores. turn it off and your system gets faster in realtime. turn it on and you risk dropouts since realtime performance is what will be sacrificed.

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