Assigning STM channels to board 4 and 5 ?

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Assigning STM channels to board 4 and 5 ?

Post by vascomusic » Wed Oct 08, 2014 4:28 am

The STM 2448 & 4896 manual says this about assigning channels to specific boards:

"Board IDs
If you have more than one DSP board installed in your system, and you are using numerous external I/Os with the mixer, you can assign particular channels to specific boards. Correctly configured, this can relieve the DSP system greatly. You can assign the first 12 mono/stereo channels and the entire Master section to one board, and the next 12 channels (13-24) either to the same board, or TO another. With the STM 4896 an additional two groups of 12 channels can be independently assigned. Example: If your external hardware is connected to several mixer channels (e.g. through an ADAT source module) you can ensure that the channels are processed by the same board that contains the I/O port. If a lot of channels are in use this saves STDM connections. Distributing the DSP processing to a specific or additional boards can also improve the DSP performance. Experiment with these settings a little.

Well... I did.
What's the use of board ID 4 and 5 ?? :D

See animation

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