Griffin Studio Connect for iPad

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Griffin Studio Connect for iPad

Post by erminardi » Mon Aug 11, 2014 7:07 am

Looking for a decent audio card for my iPad, I found via ... interfaces Auria webpage this little and very cheap stand/audio card/midi I/O ... ct-na17132

Basically I was looking for a reliable, cheap (honest priced), and 24bit/48khz audio card, compatible with Auria/Cubase and also working as power hub, without the need of the camera connection Kit. Just plug and play.
Well I have to admit that this little plastic piece goes far beyond my expectations.
Very good sound, non frills, it does what he should do.
Paid less than a restaurant dinner.
Basically you haven't to pay the brand (Focusrite, Alesis, Behringer (!) etc.) and you haven't to pay the "pro audio" target project (normally they produce classic peripherals for PC like mouses and keyboards)

Highly recommended.

Also available the lightning version (but you can also use an adaptor) ... -lightning

And is planned a HD version that features better (looking) connectors (but the old one aren't so bad, indeeed) and 34 bit / 96 khz audio.


ps. of course is also good for connect your iPad with midi to control your beloved modular patch ;)

All the rest is only marketing: c'mon the competitors costs x10 and often features only 16bit/44.1 khz...

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