Ocean Swift - Music Handyman Toolbox (Out Now + Intro Offer!)

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Ocean Swift - Music Handyman Toolbox (Out Now + Intro Offer!)

Post by faxinadu » Thu Nov 08, 2018 6:29 am

OUT NOW + INTRO OFFER! <3 Music Handy Man Toolbox is a swiss army knife toolkit of useful features, musically relevant math functions and references for musicians, sound designers and audio developers.

A Set of tools to use in any Project
– – Determine the time and frequency in a measure at a given BPM and samples in a measure at a given sample rate
– Quickly view the notes of a musical scale
– Get the frequency of a note in different tunings
– Generate tones
– View reference charts for MIDI CC numbers, frequency spectrum, loudness and compression.
– Store information about a musical project such as BPM, musical scale, tuning and additional user notes such as a project’s to-do list, information for remixers, credits, reminders or anything else.
– The project information includes the option to export to a text file, to include easily accessible information within a project’s folder.

Load it in your favorite DAW as a VST plugin or instrument or use the included standalone version

Grab it here, 10e into offer:
Scope 3rd Party Developer
Scope, Android and PC Developer

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