XITE-1D and Sysex issue

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XITE-1D and Sysex issue

Post by dante » Fri Jul 07, 2017 12:21 pm

I have an Yamaha DB50XG daughter board enclosed in a 1U case (custom job). Works fine, including the ability to load QS300 sounds using a patch editor called 'XG-Gold'. When I select a preset from the GUI it send a single voice sysex to the DB50XG (eg Crystal Lake in the pic below).

Note this is not a patch change message. The DB50XG has a single voice buffer for user created patches that don't exist in ROM and thats what the sysex message fills.

It works when I am using Scope PCI MIDI ports (PCI to DB50XG) but not when I change the cable and the GUI over to the XITE-1D (XITE-1 to DB50XG) it fails and no sound until I select a ROM patch.

Can anyone confirm that they have used sysex successfully from XITE-1 ?
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