The Sonic Core XITE hardware platform for Scope

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Post by dawman » Tue Oct 21, 2008 3:11 am

Some pretty sweet new features are headed our way.
I look so forward to waking up everyday that I can't sleep. :D

Solaris has always had the ability to do analog emulated sound, but now it also has the features that most developers overlook.
Seperate Oscillator Glide amounts per Oscillator is exactly what Oberheim and Moog had that made their portamento sound a breed apart.
Small amounts for fast attack playing make Solaris sound like a PolyMoog or XPander.
Longer amounts make a long portamento glide sound like several synths participating. Sweet.

Adding external Modular Filters is lots of fun. Flexor III, RDII's, and SpaceF's satellites allow many choices. But the new Formant Filters are excellent also.
I have hooked up my analog synths and Mic's and will report back. So far just using the WAV Oscillators and a sample from the Symphony Of Voices Boys Choir Aahh's is stunning. Using an expression pedal or ModWheel gives one all the control for sweeps that would be needed.
I use LFO C w/ a Random wave, and the slowest settings on the other 2 LFO's so my pedal fully back will reset the rates. Mono settings are really in Yo face sounding.

I am just getting started w/ this, and there still are many new features I will try today. The new mixing features and selections allow more options now too. This is a serious upgrade.

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Re: Solaris

Post by erminardi » Tue Oct 21, 2008 7:48 am

I want solaris 5.0 too!!! :x



4PC + Scope 5.0 + no more Xite + 2xScope Pro + 6xPulsarII + 2xLunaII + SDK + a lot of devices (Flexor III & Solaris 4.1 etc.) + Plugiator.

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Re: Solaris

Post by dawman » Thu Oct 23, 2008 4:32 am

Check out a single cycle of the Tube Filter.

I am using a BETA of a reverse looper for Scope that is to die for. Maybe this weekend I will have my Solaris reverse Hendrix Guitar stuff ready.
Solaris in hardware will be doing plenty of chores other than being a big FAT BASTARD.

I have taken the Sample Oscillator and put a WAV of a distorted Gibson SG into it and added the MMOsc's and CEM's Triangle and Square's to thicken it's sound up. It is so unbelievably FAT.
JBowen is as usaual very helpful in assisting me to do the strangest things with his synth like using the ModWheel to modulate the mixer inputs prior to the Tube FIlter, etc.
I believe I will have the Ultimate Lead Axe very soon.
Using seperate Oscillator Glides for the MMOsc, CEM's and Sample Oscillator makes this synth incredibly analog sounding and extremely FAT.

The snippet is a single cycle of the Filter. You will hear it's entire cycle then the release. I have no samples loaded, just a single MMOsc through the incredible Tube Filter.

Just listen to the various timbres of feedback.
Adding the Guitar and seperate Oscillator Glides will make this a seriously FAT Lead Axe.

The infamous Benoist Guitton has also graced us with dozens of new presets that are way beyond my programming skills. Each preset is a tutorial by example.

Before on a 15DSP card I could usually get 6 to 8 voices of Poly. Now 4 or 5 is the max.
The sheer amount of possibilities has increased exponentially.

Brotha' Man Stardust, your suggestion of where to place this topic is correct, but I chose XITE-1 thread as that is where the power to run this new beast is where I will be using it. But guys w/ more than one card could definately use this for recording and live work.
Tips would be good but not many people have this yet, and Announcements is something I believe John will do in due time. Hence my strange placement.

I will just have to do a recording using the Solaris Hendrix Guitar w/ the Reverse Delayed Loopers.........zipper free of course.

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