DAW Spec.'s 4 XITE-1

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DAW Spec.'s 4 XITE-1

Post by dawman » Mon Aug 18, 2008 12:29 pm

The new DAW's parts and chassis has been ordered and will be assembled as I wait for XITE-1. I have condensed everything into a 16U SKB Shock Rack, including the external analog hardware synth, converters and mic / instrument pre's.

http://www.intel.com/products/desktop/m ... erview.htm

This mATX is perfect, as it has the new P45 chipset that will allow memory tweaks in the BIOS for low latency settings on DDRII. The E8600 Wolfdale is extremely fast and perfectly suited for the 1333MHz FSB @ 3.33GHz. 6MB's of L2 Cache is very helpful w/ time based effects also. I will be using the eSATA connector to run an external 1U 4 x HDD array which will allow me to use a lower wattage PSU for my DAW as the new CPU's O stepping has further reduced the power requirements, and HDD's usually are the cause for excessive power needs.

The chassis also has a fan perfectly located for the port I cut out on my SKB rack for a large 6" mag-lev fan that will suck everything out of my rack for extreme air flow.

Chassis 8U
SE-1X 3U
A16U 1U
Model 7 1U

Back of Rack 2 x RNP8380 mic pre's 1U
Furman PL Plus.........................1U

I can load all of the new and old VSTi's and GVI libraries I need to perform live, although for recording I might have trouble as my String and Orchestral stuff is quite demanding, but for my Gigs I have cut down versions since I am not trying to do Wagner or Mozart live. 32bit XP Home w/ 3GB PAE Switch and Bidule shall rule the roost just fine. Fuck Vista and 64bit. I can wait 'till they actually mature properly. For once I feel very prepared. I bet I won't be able to use all of the power that XITE-1 has ! But Bowen, SpaceF, and Adern will fix that I am sure.

The recent delay of XITE-1 is great news, as the inclusion of Flexor by Adern, and new atoms for developers is well worth the wait. I have nothing but respect for ALL of the SonicCore Team, as well as old and new developers. I have read some of the recent whining, and can't wait to see the posts from these folks after they see the new software version 5.0, and XITE-1 in action. Thankfully the boys and girls at SC listen to the members here for ideas and wishes, and remain unaffected by the negative posts.

1 more week of vacation, 1 more week of rehearsals, 2 weeks of gigs..............and maybe XITE-1 in September. :D

Peace My Brotha's. :wink:

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