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The Sonic Core XITE hardware platform for Scope

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Project Ready

Post by dawman » Thu Jul 24, 2008 8:47 am

I have been struggling w/ GS4 / Cubase 4.1 / Reaper / Forte / Bidule / GVI 3.9 / ESC 3.59 and Translator Pro. in preparation for upcoming work.

Gigastudio 4 needs too many MIDI fixes to be functional enough for live work, but remains an incredible way to create custom keyswitched instruments. So the tried and tested Bidule running Kontackt 2.0 and GVI based instruments will be used for now. It has custom skins for stage lighting issues, and is a rock solid performer.

The new Wolfdale has increased my loads by 30% as I have has the memory tweaked for me to run @ CL5 for the lowest latency / stability.

In XITE-1 I will only need to add A100 / P100's to another mixer that has drums, and another mixer w/ vocals. Then add the synths, etc. This is easy and fast in Scope so I am going on vacation feeling confident about the gig, even though XITE-1 will surely ship while I am away.

The tough part was making all of my Orchestral and Section Horns, Orchestral and Pop Strings, and having keyswitches made for the articulations needed. On my upper KS88 I have the lowest C to the second white key A for Keyswitches since black keys double many of them just in case I slip while trying to play and hit the right keys quickly.

The instruments I will be using are high in quality and the sound with external hardware and internal DSP effects is to die for.

Hohner D6 Clavinet
Steinway Grand Piano
Hammond B3
ARP String Ensemble
Orchestral Horns and Winds
Orchestral Strings
Pop Strings
Pop Horn Sections
Acoustic Drums
Percussion and Sound FX
Fake Applause ( Ankyu ) 10 Variations.
FM Pianos
Scope Synths and FX
VDAT Drum tracks & backing vocals

XITE-1 Live 01 is a ready to go project that only needs XITE-1, and all of the other FX and synths. No lounge will ever have such great sounds eminating from 4 x Barbetta Sonas and a Sub.

The DJ's I have to share a stage with better have some great gear, cause I don't SHARE !!

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