Dual Mono Channel / AUX Mixing

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Dual Mono Channel / AUX Mixing

Post by dawman » Sat Jul 12, 2008 9:49 am

To me when I play a synth pad it's all about clarity, thickness, and motion. I have had the finest peices of gear throughout the years, and have busted John Bowen and Mehdi T.'s balls in hopes of reliving those days of " The FAT BASTARDS ". Since the big companies have their own agenda's, and peasants such as myself have little say in their affairs. Luckily our 3rd Party Developers and the boys from SC are all ears when it comes to development.

I have the finest choices of mixers, synths, w/ software and hardware effects I have ever heard or had the pleasure to play.

This trick I have used to great effect, which I use to do in hardware also, was to take 2 mono sends and treat them seperately, the results of the summed mono channels was always quite FAT, and full of motion. Many argue that phase cancellation occurs, and the sound could get muddy, etc. I beg to differ, as now I even have the AUX channels to blend and mix signals further. These sounds are at their apex IMHO, as I have taken the FAT BASTARDS and proplelled into the future.

What I do is combine the 2 seperate mono channels in the FP106C, or any of Mehdi's awesome mixers, have the same effects duplicated, but with different amounts on the Modulations rates and depths. These signals can then be sent through 3 x AUX's, where other Stereo Effects can add further treatment. AUX 3 w/ Celmo's Tape Sim, and Mehdi's AUX Delay are great choices. For pads w/ a slower attack the Tape Sim's tails are so customizable you can brings tears to the eyes of your competitors. Fast attacks of FAT Boys work great w/ the AUX Delay as it has a great EQ and insert sections, w/ 2 x Feedback controls for L & R. Way Cool.

The best results are having mono choruses and phasing / flanging's w/ different qualities. With the Master Chorus M, just experiment until the right amounts blend well. With the SSB Modulator M, I use opposite directions like a Phase Up, and a Phase Down. That particular effect can be activated by a Load State Preset where both bypass buttons can be enabled / disabled. It is an effect that works better when sparesly used, but applied thickly in it's application. Think of " Come Sail Away " by Styx, where the synths take over the bridge and those sweeping pads remind one of great sex or excitement.

These signals going through a sweet sounding delay in the AUX just take the sound wherever you want, and if that wasn't enough, Medhi's 3LFO device can move the entire image from speaker to speaker at controllable LFO rates, each mono send can be seperately controlled for incredible stereo imaging.

If anyone has this mixer, you should try this w/ your favorite pad machine. I use QWave, Prowave, Vectron and Solaris. But any synth can benefit from this. In the mono insert slots I can even load up Adern's LP Butter, etc. thanks to Mehdi's great way of letting eveyone's creations become insertable. :D

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