Pro 12 software not showing the right is version?

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Pro 12 software not showing the right is version?

Post by the19thbear » Sun Jan 12, 2014 9:42 am

Hi. I recently sold my pro 12 asb. A while ago I updated the firmware to 2.0 and just to make sure I re did it before I sold it. Now the buyer is saying that when he connects the machine that the software editor is saying that it is version 1.04 and not 2.0.
I know that the minimax had issues with not reporting the right os. But what about the pro12?
And is there any way of cheking what os the machine has? I have read another place that ver 1.04 only has 8 notes polyfony and that 2.0 has 12 notes. Is that rigth?
Because that would be an easy way for him to check it.

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