New NOAH owner :)

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New NOAH owner :)

Post by ehasting » Fri Jul 29, 2011 11:56 am


Finally i manage to get a Noah EX.. and dang the price they go for is just a bargin..
I do own a scope system from before running of my G4 mac with OS 9 (using mostly modular), but wanted to have a Noah EX since it can work as a stand alone hardware. But i have some questions i cant find answer to.

First.. how many poly can i get on the profit-5 on the noah ex?
Also some of the patches (quiet many) have the pan control turned over to the right.. no big deal to turn it back.. but is it a bug in the patch list?! (btw.. only on the profit 5)

And i am running an imac with os x 10.6 (snow leop.) and can get the NRS 1.1 to work.. but some times it drops out.. and then i see on my noah the device id have changed to 0.. when change it back to anything else then 0, and reload the program it gets back on track?! is this a common problem?
Also.. i tried to get the NRS to work under virtualBox with winXP.. anyone have that running?

Also i trid to install the vectron nokey fil i found on ... NoKeys.oxe
And it installed into the NRS.. but when restaring the NRS, its not loaded into the noah, and i gets a error message complaining for "Cannot read script file ' PepSProgram').. then a Cannot find DLL or script after that with same file complain.. then it loads into NRS but again.. not on the Noah. anyway.. its not very important with the Vectron.. i have it on my scope system.. and frankly i dont use it at all.. i love my blofeld for such digital sounds :).

Also i hear that the stepping in the filter on the Lighwave is the same on the noah as on the scope.. i wish they had taken time to remove that :P

Another tricks i found out to get a cf card working with the noah was to format it in my camera... its a 256mb verbatim card.. i did a format on os x, which didnt work, then on win7 and win xp.. both did not work.. but then after using my eos 30d camera.. it worked like a charm :)

I am super happy with the device.. but its a shame the development stopped.. :(


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Re: New NOAH owner :)

Post by HUROLURA » Mon Aug 01, 2011 1:54 am

A new happy "vintage" Noah Ex owner ...

Regarding the CF card, the problem is probably due to the way the CF card has been formated ...

Regarding the use with Mac OS X I cannot help as I have no more MAC here since I removed my old PowerMac G3 ...

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Re: New NOAH owner :)

Post by paugui » Sun Aug 21, 2011 12:43 pm

I guess that problem with OS10.6 is just due to the fact the software was programmed for PPC Macs, and sometimes it doesn't work that well with newer versions of OS for Intel Macs...

I've also found the same bug you mentioned on the Prophet 5 software...
Opened a thread on it, by the way...

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