XTC Plugin not properly installed

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XTC Plugin not properly installed

Post by Rumdrum » Thu Dec 15, 2011 4:50 am

I get this "XTC Plugin not properly installed" msg upon installation and when DAW is loading. Seems like a part of XTC does not load while other parts loads ok. In my DAW most of the plugins and all synths does work, but some effect plugins will not load. Some, but not all, of the ones that will not load, will however load if I use the XTC FX rack. But is there a work around for the given msg? I have tired unstalling/reinstall - same msg.

I use Cubase 4, Sonar X1 LE and Samplitude on a P4 PC. It is the same message in all the DAWs.

This PC is in set up as a slave to a quad core MAC where I run Cubase 5 (and Logic). I also run Vienna Ensemble Pro to link the two computeres. All XTC synths that will load in the DAWs on the PC loads in Vienna but there is no sound, and the same "XTC plugin nor properly installed" is shown for each synth plugin upon loading of the synth.

When I link the two computers through VST system link (using the ADAT on Creamware/scope connected to tha ADAT of a RME Hammerfall PCI in the MAC), I get the synths to work, but only monitored through the slave, whereas If I could get it to work through Vienna I could monitor through the master MAC. So I would really like to solve the "XTC plugin not properly installed" matter.

I' also do miss some plugins that are supposed to come with the XTC package. I do find some .dll files in the installation folder that doesn't show in the DAW.

One last problem is when using the VST system link and setting the slave as an FX rack and using XTC plugs, the signal that returns to the Master track (where the slave/XTC plugg is connected as a "Send" effect) is unprocessed. It is however processed if I tap it from the slave. Why?

Any suggestions on any of the above mentioned would be greatly appreachiated. :)

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