incredible 12yo shredder

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incredible 12yo shredder

Post by kensuguro » Tue Aug 21, 2018 9:59 am

This was jaw dropping guitar shredding from a 12yo Japanese girl.. I guess she's already pretty famous on the internets:
That's Dragonball theme song cover, so more just playing the melody. More shredding toward second half.

This is where it gets crazy

And double shred with Kiko

An original tune from her album. Pretty cool composition!

She went all banjo and hoedown bluegrass style. (ok, I don't know my southern music too well)

I guess she's like a "Daddy didn't make it so the kid's gonna make it" sort of prodigy.. (Which in all honesty I have a bit of problem with in terms of parenting ethics but hey, each to their own eh) Apparently, she's been taking lessons from Paul Gilbert who actually reached out to her to OFFER her lessons. Which is amazing because she worships Paul Gilbert.

I think the whole style of 1 million notes per second shredding can be brought under question of its musical efficiency and what not.. but I feel that THAT'S THE POINT of shredding. The phrases and arpeggiating are not musically sophisticated, but it's damn fast, a billion notes, and that's forkin' metal. I don't think the point is to create a cerebral masterpiece.. it's like a circus. So. darn. fast. AWESOME.

From my perspective as a non-guitar person with effectively zero guitar experience, I think she will continue to mature as a performer, and I hope in particular, her "solo" content musically matures a bit more. Sure there's already lots of technical whizbang, but the solo line's relationship with the original melody is unclear or nonexistent.. and more mature performers are able to do this even without getting all jazz fusion-y and snobbish. And from what I know from working with very talented guitarists, the tone. I know one guitarist friend who can create the most beautiful tones with.. uh plucking technique? I'm not sure how it even works, but I asked him about it, and turns out he spent a very long time practicing just the tone. That's something I think is lacking in Li-Sa-X's playing. It's so fast I'm not sure if it'd be audible even if she had a beautiful tone, but while the speed is overtly impressive, I think the sound of the guitar itself can be made more captivating. Doesn't matter for metal shredding? Maybe. Maybe I just don't understand the idiom enough. Just a generic musical though.

I hope she continues and makes something out of her guitar playing. At 12yo, life's still pretty simple. But then you get more homework, a nice boyfriend, then a very crappy boyfriend, mean girls, then studying for college entrance exams.. life gets very complicated very fast.. and before long, it's easy to lose your path and end up wanting to go to beauty school to become a makeup artist, where being a guitar shredding goddess doesn't add one bit of value.

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Re: incredible 12yo shredder

Post by valis » Tue Aug 21, 2018 2:58 pm

Thanks Ken!

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Re: incredible 12yo shredder

Post by dawman » Tue Aug 21, 2018 7:06 pm

She’s not just doing licks either, she’s thinking ahead and playing across the bars and back in on 1 like a pro.
She so cute too.

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