Mini DIN to MIDI

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Mini DIN to MIDI

Post by fraz » Sun Jul 02, 2017 12:00 am


I've got a used PCI card online, EMU 1820M - With DSP like Scope cards just not as good but still good enough ! - nuff said :)

There is a sync daughter card with a connection on for MIDI Time Code [MTC]-The connection type is Mini-DIN and I've tracked down the info without wasting any time to find out there are actually 9 types of Mini-DIN connector a manufacturer can use to implement in their products.

I've compared the connections and ascertained that it is a 5 pin Mini-DIN connector - So I need to be able to find a cable for the connections of

5 pin Mini-DIN-to-MIDI cable.

Does anyone know where I could buy such a cable without asking Maplin or someone else to make a cable up especially.

From what I can gather this connection is not unique to Creative EMU but is not entirely mainstream as it's a niche product. I'll continue to look for a company that sells these but if anyone knows just drop a link in or mention it - Thanks

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