Dado Trunking for electrical fittings

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Dado Trunking for electrical fittings

Post by fraz » Sat Sep 03, 2016 1:22 am


I've got some Dado trunking for electrical and data connections for the home studio, it's made in UK but I don't know the name of the manufacturer as a builder got me the trunking but the job went bad! - typical! - but I'll be taking a more active roll in the project from now on. I've had a look online to see if I can find the manufacturer and I think I've come quite close but I won't mention it here because I'm not sure.

Plenty people on the forum here are IT professionals and many have home, semi-pro or even pro studio's so they may well have similar products and know more than I do at this stage which is why I post here in the hope someone will recognise it. If not I'll contact some companies to see if it is their product as I may need an accessory or two down the line which is why it's important to know.
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Gee these photo's are big - They need cropping in paint - sorry I didn't know

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