It's hard to believe, but it is real!

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It's hard to believe, but it is real!

Post by Nestor » Thu Oct 30, 2014 5:02 pm

Can you believe it guys? Mochanost is still sending me technical support mails telling me my web is going to be down for a few hours, bla bla bla, etc., when I have been off of them for many years already! I have got all my clients off of them as well!

This company is a veritable disaster, again, PLEASE, stay away from them, and do not get anything from this company even if it is a gift and they want to give you a million dollars, a new piano and a Scope platform because you will be in trouble for sure, as nothing works with this people no matter what they say. Honestly, it is a dreadfully messed up stupid business!

Remember, they tried to charge me the same things “for several years”, yes… “SEVERAL YEARS”, despite the very many mails send and received. Finally, they actually charged me several times, but it was so complicated fixing the problem that I lastly decided to actually pay them anything they wanted so to run away from this asylum of bad programmers and irresponsible businessmen.

If I had the time I would actually make this information available with every detail in 1000 forums so people know and they stop misleading and abusing people.
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