req: audio switching mixer and recorder/player device

Request a new device/modular module, and hope that some enterprising developer grants your wish!

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req: audio switching mixer and recorder/player device

Post by pranza » Sat Feb 28, 2015 12:33 pm

it's two in one this time :)

I've came across one very annoying thing and it bothers not only Scope platform:
mixer control via midi never has a step that is at exactly 0.0 dB! It means you can't have your signal going through mixer unchanged if controlling through midi.
So that's my vision:
A purist midi controllable mixer which has it's maximum fader level at 0.0dB while midi message is at 127. It means that just attenuation is possible, no gain.
How many channels? Can be 16 stereo (or variable 2 to n if possible). One master output and one pre-master-fader output. No sends, no inserts or groups are necessary. Every channel has a midi-learnable button which returns its fader value to maximum - zero (no other mixer has it in Scope, i can't believe).
The mixer also has a "smart priority solo" feature: there are several channel priority groups, as many as channels or less. Every channel can belong to a priority (group). If one channel is playing, all other are muted and signal is bit-perfect at the output, without any possible leakage / impact from other channels. User can select every channel's priority on every channel's strip. If there are two signals incoming, say at channel 5 which has a priority of 2 and channel 8 which has priority of 1, only channel 8 is sent to output. If there are two channels that share same priority, they both are unmuted when any of them has signal incoming. Signal threshold can be set by user (global or per-channel)! Some time ago, Peter from HPM digital developed this fine switching device: So it would be a development of this idea.
Also, the mixer is phase correct and has a phase invert button on each channel. It has numeric indications of every fader position (in dB x.xx) and resettable maximum encountered level display which also turns red if the signal has had at least two consecutive samples at 0dB - it is clipping (for each channel or just at master). No dithering or any other trespassing signal alterations.

VDAT is very nice, but it records just mono wav files of pre-determined time and can open only its own projects. This restricts its usage and all other playback / recording options are using external programs via ASIO or WDM which can introduce clicks under load and WDM inputs in Scope are not even working on 64bit.
So, the purist player/recorder attitude: screw Steinberg and Microsoft APIs, let's work directly in Scope! The purist player can play and record mono and stereo wav files. If possible, flac playback (via external library?) would be super cool. No dithering in or out, 16/24 bit file format. Can have generic marker support (dropping markers on record, jumping through markers on playback).

That's it for today's thoughts :)

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Re: req: audio switching mixer and recorder/player device

Post by Suzie Cue » Sat Feb 28, 2015 1:41 pm

If VDAT could do stereo I would use it heaps !!!

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