Frequency follower !

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Frequency follower !

Post by JoPo » Thu Apr 05, 2018 5:37 am

Since years, I'm looking for a plugin or software that would outputs the louder frequency value of an audio signal. I wanted also to have an analog distorsion/saturation device and I've found one very good in second hand : the Elektron Analog Heat. And it's stereo ! And it has an LFO, an envelope follower, a little eq and a filter ! Amazing !

And it has also 2 audio input for modulation signal, they can be set as CV inputs or expression. So, I started to make some tests... And I was a bit disapointed to notice that when I send a sync signal generated by modular with a simple sync fader and going out via my A16, the Elektron sees the signal as long as it's moving up or down. But when I stoped to move the fader (so the signal becomes DC), the Analog Heat modulation input falled down to 0.

That is because SC analog outputs are not DC coupled audio interfaces. I had this info from DragonSF ingineer ! Thank you ! He advised me to buy a converter AC coupled audio interface --> CV signal. So, I started to look for such a device and found THIS :

I never heard of it before. But I'm not constantly reading what is new on the audio gear stuff.

I must say that I didn't received it yet, it should arrive within next days. But this awesome thing not only convert AC audio signal into CV but it also is the frequency follower I was looking for since years ! :) :) You can plug any monophonic instrument and get back its frequency value without any latency : its internal sound engine is completely analog.
It can output sound too with pitch controled by the audio input, it works with voice.

It's hard to wait for its arrival ! I'm going to make mazing thing with that thing ! And it's giving me the desire to start to build some eurorack stuff. I'll see...

I come here to tell you all that because the price is 40% off ! And this device could interest some of you !

Merci de votre attention. :D
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