Making installs & backups easier

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Making installs & backups easier

Post by jksuperstar » Thu Dec 17, 2015 10:58 pm

With all the various 3rd party devices, when the occasional reinstall, new computer, or failed storage comes along, I find it such a pain in the ass to get everything back in order. So I thought through a few things that would make it a lot easier for me in the future.

Step #1: Copy the SCOPE directory structure

For Windows after Vista, use RoboCopy (Robust file Copy) like this:
Open a command line (Win+R, type cmd, enter)
robocopy "C:\Program Files\SCOPE XITE" "D:\YourBackupDrive\SCOPE XITE" /e /xf * /log:scope_di

For Pre-Vista (XP, 2000, etc), use XCOPY:
xcopy /t /e "C:\Program Files\SCOPE XITE" "D:\YourBackupDrive\SCOPE XITE"

This copies each directory over to the backup location, but does not copy any files!

Next, I "install" all the devices just as I would have, but instead place them in the new location. This way I have an exact copy of my scope install, but only the 3rd party devices exist there. This is good for modules, devices, DSP files, etc.

Last, I copy the entire thing into my SCOPE install directory, and allow the directories to merge. At this point, if it's your first time, everything should just copy over. If it's a rebuild or you are syncing new files in from a new device you just got, "skip" any files that match, and the copy will happen quickly, and will only bring in any new files not installed yet.

As a bonus, I have two copies. One is the standard install, the other is for x64 only. This has few files in it, typically just the updated .dll files needed for 64-bit windows, not all of the devices and DSP code. These files have also been named the same as their 32-bit counterparts, so I also just copy this over the normal install, but this time overwriting any files that match in name.

For backing up Presets and Patches, I do the reverse...copy from my scope directory, into the back up. Ready for the next rebuild, or syncing across computers.

For license files, just use the back up built in to SCOPE. Just save a copy of the .v5 file into your back up drive.

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Re: Making installs & backups easier

Post by tlaskows » Sun Dec 20, 2015 9:52 am


But you told me about the ReadyNAS from NetGear... I thought I can just pick up folders which need to be backed up and it does it for me, no?



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Re: Making installs & backups easier

Post by Synth_Al » Thu Dec 24, 2015 9:24 am

i've being using macrium reflect to do full system backups and incremental backups. it does a perfect disk image copy and restore is painless, even if the hard drive is different sizes/type. it's saved me from hard drive failures and quickly gets me up and running. There's a free personal version: but it's worth paying the $ for the full version. Works well on 32 bit and 64 bit windows. The program is very powerful and a easy enough for non-IT person to use. I believe it has a scheduler / automation stuff to make life easier.

My setup: C drive for the OS, Scope, Music Tools and I disk image it every 6 months. I keep C drive as small as possible. Using 60 gb SSD. I store samples on an external hard drive. Any scope instruments / songs i write are stored on C and i manually backup to a usb stick or something.

I find this setup works pretty well for me and minimizes headaches for fixing / reloading windows if something messes up.

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Re: Making installs & backups easier

Post by jksuperstar » Sat Dec 26, 2015 9:20 am

Part of my issue, originally, was having a studio/desktop, experimenting with x64 so that when its needed, I'm already good on it, and also having a laptop for more mobile & live events.

I'm slowly transitioning into a mobile desktop PC, but this all means maintaining new devices and installs across all of these machines. Maintaining installs, to me, is a little different from backups/restores.

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