Control Room with 5.1 Setup...

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Control Room with 5.1 Setup...

Post by thehe » Thu Nov 03, 2011 11:20 pm

Hey guys,

currently I have a 5.1 Tannoy setup in my Control Room but (because of space problems) my primary three screens are located between center and right monitor...

I have a z-link box (8 channels) connected to the dolby setup:
1 - L
2 - C
3 - R
4 - SBL
5 - SBR
6 - Sub
7 - LS
8 - LR

What I currently did was just connecting the main mix stereo out to:

L -> C (2)
R -> R (3)
L -> SBL (4)
R -> SBR (5)
L -> High-Cut -> Sub (6) for a little bit of PUNCH...

but I think it's not a good idea to pull the Subwoofer-Signal out of just one Channel of the stereo-mix...
There's not enough boom, the Tannoys are currently NOTHING below ~80Hz and I don't want them to connect to the subwoofer X-over for some reasons.

Now I used the STM 16S for the mix - but this creates the typical dolby-experience and does not represent the original mix and eats a lot of DSPP...
The sub sounds great (with XOver set to 82Hz)...

If I use just a MicroMixer in Mono-Mode and mix L+R a little bit, the sub sounds strange again...

Any constructive ideas? (i know that's not IDEAL!)


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