Using AUX Sends and Return

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Using AUX Sends and Return

Post by Inferman » Fri Apr 10, 2009 4:08 am

Hi Scope community.
I'm sure there are lot of themes by newbies like me about using aux sends and returns channels in mixer so please help me.

Could you give me a link to such theme with explanation how to send some instruments from asio-channels in (for example) STM 1632 to aux channel with reverb effect?
I really dont' get it. When I try to do routing like here: ... t=stm+2448

i lose audio signal from any asio channel. I mean if I connect Aux1 red triangle in STM1632 with any effects, somewhy asio channels stop to play anything ((
I'm sure its simple but I couldn't find the answer in mixing manuals and with search on

All I need is just route several stereo channels to AUX channel with some effect. That's all. And this is my problem.

P.S. The author of topic connect Aux1 red triangle with Left only channel of effects (chorus, reverb, etc). Does it mean effects will be in mono? In another case why such connection needs?

Thanx for your explanation and sorry if this problem "as ols as a time" - just send me to right direction to learn about it :-)

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Re: Using AUX Sends and Return

Post by Inferman » Fri Apr 10, 2009 9:42 am

I really dont get it ...
If I press INT in Aux page on any Aux channel, it must be hidden connectings between aux sends and returns,right?
So I'm just pressing INT on each of 4th channels and insert Reverb on first Aux1.
Then in "normal" asio-channel I increase A1 level and it must send audio signal to Aux1, right?
But the problem is - if I even press INT in Aux channel all sounds stops, I mean there is total silence even if I press INT again to back to EXT mode.

WTF? Why it happens?
VU meter shows ordinary audio level, Aux channel show no UV meter but numbers 138 or 180 and there is no signal in Master Gain. But manuals says (in signal flow theme) signal splits to Main Gain and Aux switch. So why there are no signal in Master Channel if I only press INT on any Aux channel???

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Re: Using AUX Sends and Return

Post by grappa » Tue Jun 16, 2009 5:00 am

Are you using mixer 2448 in Scope 4?

I seem to remeber there was a bug that resulted in the internal Aux send/return not working??

Set the Aux1 to external and connect the input of a device (Masterverb for example) to this Aux1 output (bottom of the device in the routing window) . Pipe the stereo outputs from Masterverb back into a mixer channel and set the channel fader to full - set the aux send to taste on one of the 'ASIO' fed channels and viola - you should have glorious reverb! Do not turn the aux send up on the channel used to return the verb or something horrible will result!

Hope this helps.


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