Midi playable filter

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Midi playable filter

Post by Neutron » Sat Oct 18, 2008 8:02 pm

synth with inputs?

I am sure there used to be a miniscope or something like that but it had inputs?
i just need a synth which can have the oscs disabled and use the filter (played via MIDI notes) on an input
or maybe someone has an effect that can do that?
spacef seems to have something called "midi filter" but im not sure if it just triggers an envelope or can be "played"

Otherwise i guess ill have to make one!

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Re: Midi playable filter

Post by tgstgs » Sun Oct 19, 2008 12:29 am

in midimode you play a note which is send to a filterfrequency so you can play the filter;
if midi is to slow->
you can adjust the frequency with any audiosignal over aext be it a sin or a complex sound;
in case of a comblex sound the fundamental fequency is used to set the filterfrequency;

good vibes from vienna

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Re: Midi playable filter

Post by dawman » Sun Oct 26, 2008 7:57 am

Here's a view of the Dynomic being controlled via MIDI.
It's a MONO effect as all of the G.O.S.T. plugs are.
One can use the inserts for other effects like SAW which is an excellent distortion tool.
I prefer using SAW for my Guitar samples that are direct recorded w/ no distortion , then run them through SAW to the Harmonic Effects System where MIDI sets the Filter and can be controlled by MIDI CC's or an expression pedal.

There are also some delays and various audio buffers w/ reverse looping that have extreme sample times provided. I am trying to record and learn to use these live.
Their paths must be 32bit Integer like VDAT as the quality of the reversed audio is excellent.

The speed/time of the loops can be altered via MIDI CC's and has " ZERO " zippers when altering their rates. No artifacts what so ever. Very clean.
These delays and buffers can be inserted into Dynomic and they can do some serious altering of audio.
I can pack Dynomic w/ every insert using SAW's and Delay/Buffers and they take up minute amounts of DSP !!

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