What do you want from STS Samplers ?

Talk about the STS series of Creamware samplers.

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What do you want from STS Samplers.

Nothing more - I rarely or never use it and SC should focus on other things
Make it work on 64 bit.
Add virtual instrument GUI and improved technology.
Compatibility with more libraries.
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Re: What do you want from STS Samplers ?

Post by Bud Weiser » Wed May 07, 2014 10:47 am

dante wrote:Yeah - thats why we want the original guy. I had a dream, influenced due to watching that movie 'The Hangover' for the fourth time last week.

We were standing on top of Ceasars Palace, and found out that the guy who sold Alan the roofies also had access to the STS Source code.

Atfer taking a few and a night on the town searching for Chang in a beaten up cop car, chased by Lions, Strippers and Mike Tyson we found the source code and were downloading to Holger from a private jet whilst fighting one of Changs gang members who had blown a hole in the side of the fusalage. We were all sucked out but the download completed before the jet crashed and at the next NAMM they held a memorial for us outside the center as Scope6 went into production in a flash new box.
:lol: :lol: :lol:

Man, you watch too many movies ...
- and smoke what ???


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