STS 5000 - one mono sample

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STS 5000 - one mono sample

Post by JyGius » Tue Jul 22, 2008 8:30 am

Hi all!

When I load a mono drum sample I see that STS use one copy of the sample
for the left channel and another for the right :D . When I play this sample
sometimes I notice that the sample has a little "pan modulation" (but it is already mono)
since the STS 5k loads the sample twice (left and right channel).
I tried to delete, for instance, the left channel and I get my pure mono
performance but with a lower volume :roll: . How can I get the same volume?
For this situation my drum sample is already mono.

Any ideas?

Many many thanks :D .

Herr Voigt
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Re: STS 5000 - one mono sample

Post by Herr Voigt » Tue Jul 22, 2008 2:44 pm

When you use a mono sample, I would always route it to an individual output and let it mono. You don't waste your memory and you have never any problems with unwanted panning or phase correlation.
The volume should be the same.
Be sure that you draw the main level to 0 and the individual level to 90 or similar in the main window. You have 2 other possibilities to adjust the volume of the sample, too.
I made good experiences with mono samples.

Good luck, Thomas

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