are you sampling yet ?

Talk about the STS series of Creamware samplers.

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are you sampling yet ?

Post by FrancisHarmany » Mon May 12, 2008 3:03 am

MAN!!! after searching for a good tool todo automatic sampling I settled on the demo version of Samplit!!

the demo records 12 notes with max 32 velocity layers per note. You can automaticly record up to 64 presets at a time.

So what I did was load scope in 96khz, load asio2 32bit drivers and started sampling.

These last two days I sampled about 30GB worth of 96khz 24bit scope synths!!!

I still mix them at 44khz. But somehow using the 96khz/24bit recorded samples sounds better.

I still have plenty of default presets I can sample. I'll just do that when I leave for work in the morning, then when I come home there are several GB's of new virtual instruments to play with.

The next thing I will try is combining 3 synths + effects + modulation. Then record them as one virtual instrument. I will add extra effects which get modulated by the velocity & notes.... then I will add about 8 velocity layers per note....... play the 3 synths in 6 voice unision (thanks alfonso) and record all that........ of course this has to be done at 44khz because my cards wotn load so much with 96khz.

Take special care in setting up your samplit projects. Once you start switching the asio & sample rate settings things can crash. Its important the samplit project you load is already "compatible" with the scope project running.

Good luck :D

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Post by Pete » Fri May 16, 2008 11:08 am

Wow, it works really well. Thanks for the tip!

I did some Vectron, and my Kurzweil piano sound to try it out. Seems worth buying.

I used the "Connect instruments to Seq Source" to get the scope-synth's midi to work with Samplit.

CDXtract is the only converter program I like, from the same guy.

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Post by eliam » Wed May 28, 2008 7:41 pm

While I haven't been to the extreme in sampling (like you), but I've done very interesting stuff by layering dozens of synths/samples/processors at once. Sometimes I've maxed my dsps with synths and sampled the stereo output, with the purpose of using it as pad sounds or drones. Then I re-process the samples after (or not) and load them in a sampler, playing chords and tweaking the sampler's parameters. I find this to be a winning recipe for creating very unique and rich textures and sounds. Let's say I layered 20 sources to make a sample, then I play 5 parts harmonies with my 2 hands, the final output gives 10 times 20 sounds=200 sampled sources at once. That's how to multiply my fun, and create fat ass drones which I layer again and process and so on...!!

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