ASUS Z170K Mobo + Scope PCI

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ASUS Z170K Mobo + Scope PCI

Post by garryguy » Fri Jan 13, 2017 9:01 am


A few weeks ago I finished building my new DAW. I'm using 2 Scope PCI Cardsa (Luna + 6DSP Extension Board)

After some research her I've decided to try out the ASUS Z170K Mobo with 2x PCI

To keep it short: Well finally it works nice but there have been some "strange" problems

System Configuration: ASUS Z170K, Intel Core i7 6700 3,4 GhZ, Intel SSD, Scope Cards, A16 Ultra, Scope 5.0, Windows 10 32bit

Well installation of the Scope software was no problem, Windows just asked if I would allow to change.....

First thing I've tried after Installation was Cubase with som VST Instruments - no problem.

Problems started when I tried to get the Modular III running - looked like it worked but: no sound. After checking everything like mixer, wireing to the right output... I didn't know what to do else and started to play a little around, changed the sample rate started scope new - well suddenly it worked and keeps on working.

Next was the known problem with the STS samplers, got an error message that some files could not be found. Started Scope as administrator - then it worked an kept working - even if I start scope "normally" now.

Last -and hopefully least - I had problems to get my A16 Ultra working. again: no sound. Its connected to the system by ADAT. Checked everything - Hardware connection, wireing in the scope project... no sound. I dont know why I did but I switched the synchronsation of the A16 from slave to master and voila: sound!!! when I switched back to scope as master a16 as slave it still worked.

So alltogether Its running without any further problems since 3 weeks now. It seems that the PCI Cards are working fine in that Z170 Mobo. However - since I'm no profesional musician I only have some small projects mostly about 6 ASIO channels for Cubase with some VST Instruments and via the A16 some Hardware Synthesizer stuff.

Finally: The board in the second PCI slot "occludes" some connectors on the Mobo which is not so important in my case since the are for connecting the front pannel Audio out for the Realtek Soundchip of the board.

greetings, Garryguy

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Re: ASUS Z170K Mobo + Scope PCI

Post by fraz » Sat Jan 14, 2017 5:16 am

Seems like you got it working - Another update would be nice!

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