Crazy - But I Love Shreddage 2

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Crazy - But I Love Shreddage 2

Post by dante » Wed Oct 24, 2018 2:56 pm

For a while I used Shreddage 1 but never really liked it much, so I started using A-List Guitarist Rack Extensions - which covered everything except good lead breaks. I never really check out Shreddage 2 because Shreddage 1 was a bit lame. But now that Reason supports VST and I saw a good youtube about Shreddage 2 I thought Id give it a go. I was highly surprised.

In this track (cover version of Icehouse 'Crazy' from the 80's) the guitars are 90% virtual - 3 instances of Shreddage 2, 1 A-List Guitarist and a bit of live guitar. The lead breaks in the middle solo and the outro were so easy to do using Shreddage 2 and get a great tone when it was re-amped with SoftPhonics AmplifiRe. Love the harmonic vibrato squeels.....

The pad is proWave and for the pitchbent pad I decicded to use the old Modular 3 PadMachine running on the PCI cards.

Shreddage 2 rocks.

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