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Post by kensuguro » Fri Jun 24, 2016 3:27 pm

It's summer! My family's in Tokyo, and I have time to write, so here it goes. I wanted to something along the Intermetro line, but a bit more happier, less the sophistication. I took a bit off an older Intermetro tune and reworked the rest. Basically I wanted to have a bubbly 80's track with a screaming sync lead, and an insidious bass that secretly doesn't buy the synthpop crap and stays his funky self. The internal style disagreement is a great feature of the Intermetro vision I think.

The lead is a free synth called Charlatan. It's not my usual workhorse, but the thing is LOUD, and I wanted the lead to stand out. Also used for the synth brass.
A bunch of synthmasters (plucky synth keys, bass, etc)
Drums are a patch I edited a free sf2 file to create, going through a plugin I made in synthedit. (the drum beefer upper)

I think the sound design isn't the central feature of the tune. The feature is that it's doing a IV-V-VI progression in a bunch of different keys. (or other slight variants that gravitate toward a VI)

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Re: Summer!

Post by JoPo » Sat Jun 25, 2016 1:49 am

Wow ! That is fresh and fun ! Good for going on holidays !

The synth lead is good and joyful !
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