idea notes and custom strings patch

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idea notes and custom strings patch

Post by kensuguro » Wed Jun 08, 2016 9:48 am

Was jotting down some notes and used it as a bed to test a strings patch. I found this free sounfont player tx16wx that had pretty good mod capability so took the free Fluid GM soundfont, and edited the heck out of the strings sound. It's toward the end, pretty nice pop/disco viola+violins. There are some parts that are cello range but didn't specifically test the lower range. The original sample was a "ensemble" patch so didn't specifically divide out the parts.

The pure detache 8th beat part didn't work so well since there's no alternate bowing or any round robin samples. (the trill also fell flat on its face) Lyrical legato octave unison at the end worked pretty well. It responded well to the wide expansive arrangement.

I think I got a usable patch that's fun to play for a very short amount of patch editing time though, so pretty happy. I'm probably one of the last few humans that is still in pursuit of the ultimate pop/disco strings.

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Re: idea notes and custom strings patch

Post by hubird » Thu Jun 09, 2016 2:39 pm

A lot of good musicians in that Empty Band Ken :wink:
Yeah those strings, when they come in you know where it comes from :D
I never had feelings with disco, but this will trigger some folks.
I prefer the second part btw :)

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