Star System CentriFugue

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Star System CentriFugue

Post by dante » Wed Jul 11, 2018 2:27 pm

A 15 minute 'experimental' electronic epic, composed recently as a follow up to a 1983 instrumental 'Atmosphere Legends'. For epics like this it helps to have some parameters to work within :

1) Should be 'through-composed'. By this I mean no overall structure, just sections that should transition musically from one to another.
2) In repetitious sections, there should be new elements appearing frequently to keep the attention of the listener.
3) Combine ambient textures and experimental sounds and effects with EDM type beats merging in and out
4) Use this as an opportunity to include newer Reason plug-ins that may not have been used before.
5) Use live electric guitar, sped up, reversed etc - as 'Atmosphere Legends' had this as a central element.
6) For Scope usage, there are the usual suspects - the John Bowen proTone for lead and proWave for synth pad duties.
7) Mastered using Scope @96Khz (dNa Multiband and DAS BrickMaster).

Around the 10:30 mark, I have mixed in my take on the 'Shepard generator continuous rising tone' discussed recently. ... entrifugue

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