at0m's Modular Patch Extended x 4

Patch files for the Scope modular synths

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at0m's Modular Patch Extended x 4

Post by dawman » Sun Mar 18, 2012 7:04 am

This is such a great device. 4 x carious CC's 73/73/75/76 to control whatever sliber slider, knob or gadget in a Modular Shell you wish to control. Only need 1 instead of 4, no problemos. Use all 4, none, 2, or 3 or just 1.
Must connect it as displayed below.
I have a right hand spplit and left hand split synth for Modular, I call them up live during my gig and place split points on my controller. Between Solaris using Digital I/Os, the SE-1 crushing all it surveys and having Modular synths in my left or right hand, I pretty much have what I need and all of the automations.
The Behringer BCF 2000 sits on the floor and is used as a foot pedla controller x 2, and a standard MIDI controller, where's it's number from knobs / buttins/ and sliders is what I use un Scope for B2003 and Modular as well as clicking off FX bypass buttins when being used as inserts on the STM 2448.
Life is good.
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