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Patch files for the Scope modular synths

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Waldorf Simplicity Fun

Post by dawman » Sat Mar 17, 2012 4:34 pm

Warning 12 Voices in XITE-1, Unison setting of 2 for 6 swirly FAT BASTARDS.
I threw in the Wavetables Programming Display Patch, and also the Display Patch for the Creamware Wavetable Osc too.
You will need to hook up the LFO2MIDI Patch to the merger, the MIDI Source module to the Merger, then into the Patch's MIDI In.
LFO2MIDI by at0m is way cool, and it's fader send a CC 74 controller.
In the lower right corner of the Waldorf Patch, use the Decay Fader for the ADSR, right click on it, then assign CC74 to it.
It comes in handy for Chirpy sweeps where the filter gets lower freqs, and the envelope opens its decay more. THis keeps the sound audible, but also allows the sweep to be prominant.
Modular Stuff.zip
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